Don Rodgers and June Scobee Rodgers turn to Erlanger after both receive a life-changing diagnosis

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Don Rodgers and his wife Dr. June Scobee Rodgers have grown all too familiar with the feeling of uncertainty that typically accompanies an emergency room visit.

After passing out at home, Don was brought directly to Erlanger Health System. Once a brain tumor was ruled out as the cause of Don’s dizziness, Erlanger neurologist Dr. Thomas Devlin wanted to do a more thorough checkup. When Dr. Devlin found tumors on both kidneys, Erlanger’s neurology and urology teams determined that surgery would be necessary to save his kidneys and his life.

Months later, Don’s wife June visited Erlanger for a routine health exam. Her doctor called her soon after, advising her to get to the emergency room immediately due to low saline. It was June’s turn for a life-saving diagnosis to help her avoid a coma. Dr. Charles Campbell, chief of cardiology for UT Erlanger Cardiology, advised Don and June Scobee Rodgers on what they should be doing with their diets and medications.

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